Tibetan Yoga Retreat

Lama Norbu

With Lama Norbu

September 11th- 13th  2015


At Happy Corner
Meditation Shack
689 E 18th St Chico

(530) 828 2589

Tibetan yoga is an ancient and powerful purification practice which takes one beyond limitations and beliefs, helping to break through perceived barriers with deep love and compassion. Employing yantra, mudra, and mantra, you will be guided to balance the five elements of your body – fire, earth, water, wind, and space. Through love, this practice transforms imbalance into balance and perfection, opening the practitioner to the experience of ultimate Oneness with the Universe.

The mystical practice of Tibetan Yoga is known to awaken intrinsic abilities of the human body as those exhibited by the Tibetan Buddhist monks meditating for hours in the snow wearing nothing but thin robes. Open your heart and receive a deep teaching and a direct transmission from a true Vajra Master.No prior yoga experience is necessary.



Lama Norbu is a master of Vajrayana in the Tibetan tradition. During 20 years at Sera Monastery, he was blessed to study both Sutras and Tantras with many renowned teachers. Having mastered his studies, Lama Norbu has dedicated his life to sharing the treasure of Tibetan Yoga and spreading Dharma around the world.
“Through the practice of Tibetan Yoga I, myself, have experienced extraordinary benefits and have witnessed a transformation within myself beyond any tradition. By the kindness of my Guru, it is now time to share this teaching with people.”

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