Closing Chant


After the Dedication of Merit

One May Chant



Oam Dharai Dharai Bhan Dharai Swa Ha

Jaya Jaya Siddhi Siddhi Pala Pala

Ah Ha A Sha Sa Ma

Ma Ma Koling Sa Men Ta




2 Replies to “Closing Chant”

  1. Hello. I am so happy to discover this chant written down! My beloved teacher always closes class with it. I have moved away from her and have been looking for a translation of the chant. Might you be able to tell me what it means or offer a word for word translation?
    With gratitude for your time.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      This is the mantra for the dedication of merit from the perspective of the Dzogchen Tradition.
      Word for word it means:
      In this state of total unification, I dedicate all past and future merit to the highest.
      May it be so.
      The benefits of this practice come to myself and all others.
      Our attainments on the ordinary and supreme levels, in the worldly and in the ultimate sense,
      come to perfect fruition.
      The six realms are transformed and one continues effortlessly in this present state of knowledge.

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