Loving Everyone – including yourself

Adam  and Bryan Talk about Equanimity in Action!



Love and Awakening –

Adam and Tamera talking about Love and Awakening on Kzfr.org




What is Love?

Adam Moes and Tamera Wicma

talking about

What is Love?


Adam and Tamra on Sept 6th 2016 – Love and Creativity




Real eyes.

Sentient beings are born and die and are reborn beginninglessly and endlessly, yet each sentient being is unborn and undying Buddha Nature at their very core.

Let go



Wise compassion and compassionate wisdom

bless us on and on in body after body

Till even the most intensely densely ignorant of us

namely “me”,  namely “myself”, namely “I”

Just have to let go and fly.

Once again at home in the as-it-is sky.