Sit in a relaxed way

with your spine straight.

Then say out loud:


“I take my refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

(Three Times)


To free all beings from suffering

and its causes,

I aspire to

and go towards

complete awakening

(Three Times)


In this crystalline voidness,

light rays of compassion shines

from a self resounding “HUNG!”


Spontaneously I arise as the pure spirit of gift giving;

With a big belly and flowing white mustache and beard

I’m dressed all in red with white trim with an appearance not unlike an amanita muscaria

My jolly demeanor puts everyone in good cheer

and as all the dream beings adopt my attitude of pure generosity and sharing,

all lack, or sense of scarcity is completely banished

and instead everyone delights in a wonderful feeling of abundance, satisfaction, and contentedness.

In my heart the self resounding “HUNG!” light is surrounded by the mantra


With its repetition light spreads out

and establishes everyone pure,

lasting peace.

Ho Ho Ho



I dedicate this merit to the continuing wellness and ultimate liberation of us all, every one.   Swa Ha”

Meeting Fritz


I had been practicing Zen at the Sonoma Mountain Zen Center for perhaps two and a half years and was just preparing to graduate from the Junior College. First I met James and Christi and they introduced me to Mike Whitney and Carla and all of them would talk in awe-inspiring terms about this fellow, Fritz. I found out he was a spiritual teacher who only met up with people who he had a karmic connection with.

So in the meantime I was accepted to the State University as a psychology major, and there was a big breakup with my fiancée Carol. One of my favorite classes was intro. to counseling in which we practiced co-counseling with a partner of our choice. I was paired with one excellent older student Leveret Shaw, and a fast friendship formed. Towards the end of that semester he asked me to house sit while he went back east with his family. It was during a school break and I was between jobs so I was able to do some reading and meditating on my own and it

turned into a mini retreat.

One night I had a very vivid dream; Someone had come into the room where I was sleeping. I was lying on my belly and couldn’t move, but I could hear and feel the presence of someone there. They came up behind me and climbed into the bed with me, and started giving me the most exquisite body work to my lover back and pelvis. Ah!

So: all this muscle tension is flowing out of my butt and thighs. It feels so wonderful. Now I’m able to move and I sit up and turn to see who it is. There’s a Tibetan monk in full brocade sitting in the bed with me. He has a tall red hat on his head. Before I can ask he is showing me the inside of his hat. There are two rows of three metal plates in his hat like electrode sensors. I think to ask ‘who are you? But now whoever it is starting to change into something else right before my eyes. With all the stages in-between displayed, the Tibetan has become a two-year-old girl.

Now attempt to speak, asking,     are… But now she is growing up and maturing into an amazingly beautiful woman right before my eyes. This kicks me out of the dream state and an intense energy still remains in the room as I awaken, within five minutes I answer the phone. It’s James telling me that Fritz has confirmed his karmic connection with me and wants to see me this morning. So I biked down to his place. And so began my introduction to Vajrayana.