A Summation




What is the most concise summary of the Buddha’s Teachings?

Being Harmless

Being Helpful

Being aware of one’s Mind.

please let the three jewels:

Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

dispel all the ignorance as to what is knowable

Such as

the law of karma

the four noble truths

the Noble eightfold path

let us no longer be miserly with these wonderful teachings that can benefit us all so directly and so thoroughly.

Never forget this Triple Gem

Never forget one’s Buddha Dharma Sangha

We will now demonstrate that what you usually take to be the apparently separately existing external world is in fact a best guess hunch that your brain is assembling from your senses.

Move in close and put your face about a palms distance from the screen.

Gaze intently at the +  in the middle of the photo.  Continue to look at it very closely.

You will start to see a green dot that rotates around the circle -eating up the purple dots until they are all but gone…