Unraveling the Stories

Bryan and Adam delve into the stories we tell ourselves about love.

This show aired Nov 21, 2017



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Healing into Love 

Healing into Love




Sit in a relaxed way

with your spine straight.

Then say out loud:


“I take my refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha

(Three Times)


To free all beings from suffering

and its causes,

I aspire to

and go towards

complete awakening

(Three Times)


In this crystalline voidness,

light rays of compassion shines

from a self resounding “HUNG!”


Spontaneously I arise as the pure spirit of gift giving;

With a big belly and flowing white mustache and beard

I’m dressed all in red with white trim with an appearance not unlike an amanita muscaria

My jolly demeanor puts everyone in good cheer

and as all the dream beings adopt my attitude of pure generosity and sharing,

all lack, or sense of scarcity is completely banished

and instead everyone delights in a wonderful feeling of abundance, satisfaction, and contentedness.

In my heart the self resounding “HUNG!” light is surrounded by the mantra


With its repetition light spreads out

and establishes everyone pure,

lasting peace.

Ho Ho Ho



I dedicate this merit to the continuing wellness and ultimate liberation of us all, every one.   Swa Ha”

A morning prayer

Self existing truth body of amazing blazing compassionate love
Help us towards liberation in the ever increasing signs of mindful practice
so that we are victorious through profoundly positive karmic accumulations
May we experience no resistance no ego  no problem just inner freedom in deep bliss purity
This Flawless  Timeless transparent freshness
empty of ignorance
full of knowing,
 Peacfullness, and love

Types of Love: East meets West

Tamera and Adam have a little chat

about Easter and Western perspectives

on the various types of love.


Love and Social Justice – A conversation with Adam Moes and Tamera Whikma

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