Camp Mindfully

Here is our Camp Song,   Learn it well and sing along!


Oh Camp Mindful






How shale I camp  Mindful,  Mindful?

How shale I camp  Mindfully?

Patient, Kind, with at Balanced mind Open and Totally Free!




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  1. Hi My names Robert and my girlfriend Yvonne and I are building a tiny house with tiny house nation. I’m only 23 and Yvonne is 22. We would love to visit and see if this my be a possible fit for a new home location for us. We have 2 puppies and our medical marijuana cards. We are vegetarian and open to going vegan. just need to cut out cheese haha. We are looking for a community to live and grow with. One of my passions is permaculture and if possible I would love to have a spot to create a small edible permaculture garden, or help out with any garden that may already exist. We are young, kind and friendly. If there is a spot available and you would like to meet us we’d love to get in contact and hear back from you as soon as you can. Thank you for your consideration and have a wonderful day!
    Yvonne & Robert
    My cell: 925 699 0782
    You can text if you like
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