A Happy Song to Invoke your Primordial Nature


With the sun in my heart

Shining love to all beings

I contentedly sit in the

Great wholly site of Mother Nature

and write an invocation of your primordial nature.


Having for so so long mis identified

Myself with the constantly

overlapping distracted thoughts

about vague and confused topics.

(a completely unrealistic basis!)

I have fully gone ahead with all manner of ill conceived

attitudes and actions that

assuredly produce the full range of suffering

from mild disconnectedness to

soul crushing anguish.


Yet, although this, my gloomy darkness of mind

has persisted for millennial

the sun-like radiance of your original nature

is in no way diminished

and naturally dispels any and all traces of

my ignorance

by virtue of its essential energy.

(If the show is such that identification still need be made

this would be a more realistic basis.)



Limitless and illimitable relaxation

accompanying every respiration

Devoid of spurious ideation

Accomplishes natural liberation


Deep in your heart

Know you are kind

Breaking Free of the

Double Bind

Stop trying to smell your own behind

What is the odor of your currently present mind?



Is it a phenomena?

Then there is an offering.

Does something arise?

Then it is a divine gift to deity.


How does it abide?

What is its duration?

As it does, there is Deities ornamentation.


Did it go away? Subsided in Deity’s Display?


Then just let it play.

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